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Back and front covers, Lies My Guru Told Me

Lies My Guru Told Me: A Memoir of Life in Silo’s Humanist Movement has received favourable reviews and is available for sale at Amazon. com and Amazon.ca. Published by Guardian of Forever Publishing in 2013, readers and libraries should find the book quite affordable and fascinating to read! The Official Companion to the Lies My Guru Told Me book is available from the publisher’s website.

Silo’s Humanist Movement meeting in Kitchener, Ontario

Favourable review 1 – A harrowing story of cult life, July 8, 2013

Favourable review 2 – A bleak look at cult life in Montreal, February 4, 2014

Favourable review 3 – Lies My Guru Told Me is a must read!, February 7 2014

Favourable review 4 – Fascinating read from a legal perspective, June 6 2015

You may also borrow the book from the following libraries:

  • Library and Archives Canada (Ottawa, Ontario)
  • Ottawa Public Library (Ottawa, Ontario)
  • La Grande Bibliothèque (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Info-Cult Library in Montreal, Quebec (non-lending)
  • Multicultural Library (Laval, Quebec)
  • St. Mary’s University Patrick Power Library (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

This year, we finally begin publishing French translations of select passages from my book and reveal the true identities of both the male antagonist Enrico Barrier and female antagonist Marie-Claude Desrochers and her photograph.

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Waverly in autumn

Check back here for table of contents linking to French content starting in April 2018.


Author’s Introduction

I.  The Mind of Enrico Barrier
II.  Enrico’s Control of Sex
III.  A Spiritual Journey
IV.  Prelude to the Abyss
V.  A Friday in May
VI.  The Sun, the Moon and the Truth
VII.  Notes from Cuba
VIII.  The Spider and her Prey
IX.  The Sisterhood and her War Against Men
X.  Marie-Claude Avenges Herself on the Male Species
XI.  Martyr to the Cause


October 2018

Dedication and Acknowledgements
Discography and Videography

Frère-André in winter

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Rex Voluntas

March 13th, 2018

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